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We are now accepting Pre-Qualification applications for the City of Leduc.

Residential property owners in the City of Leduc can finance up to 100% of their energy efficiency or renewable energy projects

The Clean Energy Improvement Program, or CEIP, is an innovative financing tool for property owners to finance up to 100% of home energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy installations.

Access competitive financing and make repayment convenient through your property’s regular tax bill.

This program is carried out with assistance from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund, an endowment created by the Government of Canada.


City of Leduc’s Clean Energy Improvement Program

For full program details, please review the City of Leduc’s CEIP Terms and Conditions.

Participant & property eligibility

Must be the legal owner of an existing low-rise residential property located in the City of Leduc and meet all requirements listed in the City of Leduc’s CEIP Terms and Conditions.

Eligible upgrades

All eligible energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades are posted under Residential Upgrades. City of Leduc participants must install eligible upgrades with a minimum total cost of $3,000 to qualify for financing.

Payment terms

The maximum payment term is the lesser of 20 years or the effective useful life (EUL) of the eligible upgrades. The EUL is the average time in years where the upgrade is expected to result in energy savings and is noted under Residential Upgrades.

Interest rate

The interest rate provided by the City of Leduc for eligible CEIP projects is a fixed blended rate.

Available Incentives

Project Incentive

A $1,350 incentive is offered by the City of Leduc for completed CEIP Projects.

Availability is limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis to Participants who complete a CEIP Project. The incentive will be applied directly to the Clean Energy Improvement Tax to reduce the total Project financing amount, not issued to the property owner directly. Only one incentive of $1,350 is available per CEIP Project.

Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate

When combined with a completed CEIP Project, the City of Leduc is providing an incentive for the lesser of $600, or up to 50%, of the installed cost of a new residential Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging station (208/240V).

Incentive availability is limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis to property owners who complete an eligible CEIP Project. As residential EV chargers are not eligible for CEIP financing, the incentive will be paid directly to the successful applicant, after installation, following a City inspection, and after the completion of a CEIP Project. Only one EV charger incentive is available per household.

Canada Greener Homes Initiative

The City of Leduc’s incentives can be stacked with incentives offered through the federal government’s Canada Greener Homes Initiative.

Start your Clean Energy Improvement Journey

Step 1: Pre-Qualification

Read the your municipality’s CEIP Terms and Conditions, then complete the Pre-Qualification Form with your property’s details. The Pre-Qualification Form is used by the Municipality and Alberta Municipalities to confirm that you and the property meet the basic program eligibility criteria.

When submitting the Pre-Qualification Form you must upload:

  • Proof that the property to be upgraded is insured (i.e., home insurance with personal liability coverage of at least $1 million). Accepted proof includes an insurance binder letter or copy of a current insurance policy that clearly states the policy provider, policy number, property address, personal liability coverage, and duration of the policy. If the policy submitted is an offer to renew, it must be accompanied by proof that the full premium has been paid.
Step 2: EnerGuide Home Evaluation

After Pre-Qualification is confirmed, complete an EnerGuide Home Evaluation and use the results to choose your upgrades.

  1. Schedule a pre-project EnerGuide Home Evaluation using a Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Energy Advisor. Choose from the Energy Advisors listed on the Qualified Contractor DirectoryIf you have completed an EnerGuide Home Evaluation (version 15), you may not need to complete a new one. Check your municipality’s CEIP Terms and Conditions to confirm which EnerGuide Home Evaluation version is eligible.
  2. Using the Renovation Upgrade Report provided by your Energy Advisor as a guide, decide which eligible upgrades you want to finance through CEIP. The upgrade must be listed on the Residential Upgrades list and must meet all eligibility requirements.
Step 3: Project Application

Select a Qualified Contractor and submit the Project Application provided by Alberta Municipalities.

  1. Browse the Qualified Contractor Directory and contact Qualified Contractors to get quotes for eligible upgrades. We recommend getting quotes from at least three different Qualified Contractors for each upgrade.
  2. With the help of your Qualified Contractor(s), complete the Project Application, submiting the completed form and all required supporting documents to Alberta Municipalities as outlined for each Residential Upgrade.
Step 4: Agreements

If the Project Application is approved, we will confirm the approved financing amount and provide the Clean Energy Improvement Agreement and the Project Agreement for your review and signature. Both agreements must be signed by all required parties before upgrade installation(s) can begin.

What are the program agreements?

  • The Clean Energy Improvement (CEI) Agreement is an agreement between the property owner and the municipality. It sets out the financing terms, disclosure requirements in the event of property sale, eligible project costs and project completion deadline.
  • The Project Agreement is a tri-party agreement between the property owner, the Qualified Contractor, and Alberta Municipalities. It defines the scope of the project and sets out the terms relating to the Qualified Contractor’s installation of the upgrades. For projects where you are hiring more than one Qualified Contractor, a Project Agreement will need to be signed with each Primary Qualified Contractor. For more detail on the project agreement, see your municipality’s CEIP Terms and Conditions.
Step 5: Project Installation

After all agreements are signed, Alberta Municipalities will send an Installation Authorization Notice, at which point upgrade installation(s) can begin. All upgrades that are part of the project must be completed within six months of receiving the Installation Authorization Notice.

Step 6: Upgrade Completion

When the installation of an approved upgrade is complete, you must submit an Upgrade Completion Form confirming final upgrade details and costs to Alberta Municipalities for review. If your CEIP project has multiple upgrades completed at different times, multiple Upgrade Completion Forms will need to be submitted.

Once the Upgrade Completion Form is processed and approved, Alberta Municipalities will pay your Qualified Contractor(s) directly.

Once all upgrades in your project are complete, an updated Clean Energy Improvement Agreement will need to be signed with your municipality, to confirm the final amount to be financed.

Step 7: Post-project EnerGuide Home Evaluation

After all approved upgrades in a CEIP project are installed, a post-project EnerGuide Home Evaluation must be completed to determine the energy savings and verify the installation. Property owners will receive a new EnerGuide rating and label. This label, the updated Renovation Upgrade Report, and the invoice for the evaluation must be submitted to Alberta Municipalities.

Step 8: Repayment

Once the project is deemed complete, the approved project cost will be recorded on the property’s tax account. Any CEIP incentives the project is eligible for will be applied to this financing amount, reducing the total amount owing. Only incentives offered through CEIP will be applied to the project automatically.

You will repay the cost of the project over time through the Clean Energy Improvement Tax added to your property’s tax bill. The outstanding balance may be paid at any time.

How To Apply

  1. Check if your municipality is participating
  2. Review your municipality’s terms and conditions.
  3. If eligible, submit a pre-qualification form.

Ready to apply?

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About the Program

The Clean Energy Improvement Program helps the City of Leduc achieve its sustainability goals. The City passed the Clean Energy Improvement Tax Bylaw on April 12, 2021. The 4-year pilot program provides an affordable way for homeowners to make energy-saving improvements to their homes through low-interest financing. Plus, the program creates opportunities for local contractors.