About us

The Clean Energy Improvement Program is administered by Alberta Municipalities‘ wholly-owned subsidiary, Alberta Municipal Services Corporation (AMSC) as designated under the Clean Energy Improvements Regulation. The participating municipality and Alberta Municipalities work together to develop a municipal-specific program.

About Alberta Municipalities

Alberta Municipalities is a not-for-profit association founded in 1905. It represents Alberta’s 265 urban municipalities including cities, towns, villages, summer villages, and specialized municipalities, as well as Associate and Affiliate members. 

Alberta Municipalities has developed a range of solutions-based services designed to meet the needs of the municipalities including property and casualty insurance, pension plans and savings plans for municipal staff and elected officials, employee benefits services, utilities including electricity and natural gas, short-term investment options for municipalities, and a purchasing program. In addition, Alberta Municipalities monitors and influences government legislation, programs, and policies that impact services. Alberta Municipalities helps keep municipalities aware of business trends and best practices that have the potential to improve local government.

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