Residential Property

Gather your documents

Before you submit the Pre-Qualification Form, you must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

To help make sure you have everything in order before you submit your Pre-Qualification Form, we’ve pulled out a list of outside items you need to have prepared to submit.

What documents do I need to include with the Pre-qualification form?

  1. You need to submit proof that the property you’re upgrading is insured. Proof of insurance needs to include the following:
    • Policy provider
    • Policy number
    • Property address
    • Personal liability coverage
    • Duration of the policy
  2. If you have lived outside of the municipality in the last 5 years, be prepared to show proof that you paid property taxes in the municipality that the property is in.
  3. If you have property-secured debt associated with the Property (e.g., mortgage and/or property-secured line of credit), you must submit proof the payments are current, either as statements from your three most recent payments or a letter from the lender stating you are current on your payments.
  4. You need to include contact information for all the Property Owners, and all the Property Owners need to review and agree to the CEIP Terms and Conditions.

How To Apply

  1. Check if your municipality is participating
  2. Review your municipality’s terms and conditions.
  3. If eligible, submit a pre-qualification form.

Ready to apply?