Will the Alberta Municipalities provide a template or copy of the Project Agreement?

The Project Agreement will be made available to the participating property owner and the Qualified Contractor after an application has been received and approved by Alberta Municipalities and the participating municipality.

The Project Agreement is the agreement between Alberta Municipalities, a Qualified Contractor leading the installation of the Upgrade(s) and/or Incidental Work (the “Primary Qualified Contractor”) and the Property Owner, which defines the scope of the Project and sets out the terms relating to the Qualified Contractor’s installation of the Upgrades and/or Incidental Work.

The Primary Qualified Contractor is the Qualified Contractor who is leading the installation of the Upgrade/s and is the Qualified Contractor responsible for the execution of the Project Agreement.

As per the Regulation, a Qualified Contractor cannot enter into an agreement for the provision of services relating to the installation of a clean energy improvement other than the Project Agreement.