What happens if there is additional work to be included while a CEIP project is underway that was not included and approved with the Project Application?

Additions, removals, variations, substitutions, delays in CEIP upgrade installation, or price changes to a CEIP project require a request via change order to be submitted by the participant to Alberta Municipalities. Alberta Municipalities will provide the participant with a change order form to complete with the support of the Qualified Contractor. The change order must be approved by Alberta Municipalities before any changes to the project take place. 

Only costs specified in a signed Clean Energy Improvement Agreement (that is, the financing agreement between the property owner and the municipality) are eligible for financing; this can include costs for eligible upgrades, incidental work, and professional services. For more information, please review the municipality’s Program Terms and Conditions found on each municipality’s CEIP webpage on ceip.abmunis.ca