Can Alberta Municipalities post a sample invoice/breakout structure required to be submitted with the Upgrade Completion Form?

The invoices submitted by Qualified Contractors must include, at a minimum:

  • The Qualified Contractor name as it appears in the CEIP Qualified Contractor Directory
  • Name of the property owner
  • For each upgrade, an itemized list of the following:
    • The Upgrade name,
    • The quantity of equipment units installed, the cost per unit, and the manufacturer and model number,
    • Labour costs and costs associated with any work performed to complete the Project, and
    • Any applicable taxes,
  • Itemized incidental and professional service costs approved by Alberta Municipalities, and
  • Any other additional information requested by Alberta Municipalities.

These invoices will be in the form set out on the CEIP website, will only contain costs relevant to an Upgrade that meets the Upgrade Eligibility Requirements, and should be provided at the time of submission of the Upgrade Completion Form.