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Sample Project Agreement


  • The Project Agreement is required under provincial regulation and is a contract between you, your customer, and Alberta Municipalities for a CEIP upgrade installation.
  • The Agreement outlines the scope of the CEIP upgrade installation, including upgrade details, all eligible costs, installation date, and payment details. The Agreement is signed only after a Project Application is submitted by your customer and approved by Alberta Municipalities, and a financing agreement is in place between your customer and their municipality.
  • The Agreement replaces any other contract you would normally sign with your customer.
  • Download the Sample Project Agreement

Updated Documents

On July 20, the following change was made to the Qualified Contractor Terms and Conditions:

  • Added  item 5.1 h) at the bottom of page 8.

On May 9, 2022, the following changes were made to the Qualified Contractor Terms and Conditions and Sample Project Agreement:

 Qualified Contractor Terms and Conditions

  • Included “warranties” in Section 6, clause (b).
  • Added clauses (e) to (g) in Section 7 regarding warranties.
  • Updated Section 5.3; now called ‘5.3 Qualified Contractors completing energy audits or feasibility studies on non-residential or farm land Properties’
  • Remove the Technical Workbook reference in Section ‘5.4 Project Agreement and Installaton Authorization Notice’ including clause 5.4(b).

 Sample Project Agreement

  • Removed ‘Schedule C – Warranties’
  • Removed clause 11.4 in Section ‘11. Warranty’

On March 29, 2022, the following changes were made to the Qualified Contractor Terms and Conditions, Code of Conduct and Issue Escalation Framework, Marketing Guidelines, and Sample Project Agreement:

Qualified Contractor Terms and Conditions

  • Updated the definitions (Section 1)
  • Updated Contractor Insurance requirements (Section 4.2)

Contractor Code of Conduct and Issue Escalation Framework

  • Updated the definitions (Section 1)

Contactor Marketing Guidelines

  • Changed “the AMSC” to “Alberta Municipalities”
  • Changed the word “identifier” to “wordmark”

Sample Project Agreement

  • Updated the definitions section (Section 1)
  • Updated Insurance (Section 8)
  • Updated Warranty section (Section 11)
  • Added and rearranged schedules

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